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Thiel’s Interactive Kitchen Builder allows you to find the look that’s right for you. Combine a variety of cabinets with countertops and hardware to discover the perfect match.

Our specialty is kitchen cabinets in Cleveland Ohio and surrounding areas in Northeast Ohio. We can transform your existing cabinets into stylish new cabinets that will perfectly accent your new kitchen.

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How to Use This Tool

Using Thiel’s Interactive Kitchen Builder is quite simple. Click any combination of cabinet, countertop and handle to see which colors and styles complement each other best. Click away, mix, match, and enjoy! Other companies that specialize in kitchen remodeling in Cleveland Ohio can’t offer you this same level of customization.

Like to See More?

Whether you know exactly what you want in your new kitchen or you are just experimenting with different combinations, remember that anything you create with Thiel’s Interactive Kitchen Builder can be constructed in your brand new kitchen.

Also, don’t forget that a Thiel’s designer is ready to visit your home with samples and color chips for the restyling of your cabinets, countertops and handles that you’ve created here. Our expert designers have been doing kitchen remodeling in Cleveland Ohio homes for more than 40 years!

We invite you to contact us today and take the next step in creating the kitchen of your dreams! Be sure to ask about our cost-effective kitchen cabinets for Cleveland Ohio homes!

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